It’s been about a month since I got back to Colorado. There were a few bumps, still are a few bumps, culturally speaking. Some I can identify, like the overwhelming amount of eye… Continue reading

The Devil I Know

In 2012 I began speculating about what Ecuador would be like. After two years of calling Ecuador home, I realize there are a few aspects of the U.S. that will take some time… Continue reading

Legendary Mountaineer Reinhold Messner’s Advice to the Next Generation

“In the end there is not a happy life, but a successful period if you act.” There’s a lot of great advice on the art of true adventure in this short video. Video:… Continue reading

(Almost) RPCV

The day finally arrived with little fanfare besides a quick drum roll on the desk of our financial officer before she put the last signature on my check-out list. I’m officially a returned… Continue reading

<3: The Collection

Oh, These Sights

Last Friday, I finally returned to Cotopaxi accompanied by a talented guide named Jamie. It was beautiful from start to finish. It snowed, but there was no wind. The moon was bright so… Continue reading

Polychronic Fin

Somehow, I find myself seeing the light at the end of the tunnel/staring down the barrel of the close of my Peace Corps service. This implys poking and prodding of my body by… Continue reading

You Wear Heels to Tango

My fascination with Spanish didn’t start as a love of language, but with a crush on a literature professor named Juan Dabove. He was not especially charismatic, nor particularly attractive, but he was… Continue reading

Dos: Learning from Don’ts

Four weeks from today, I’ll leave for my climb in Argentina. I’ve spent the last year getting ready and, I think, I’m mostly ready. In August, I climbed Cotopaxi and I saw the… Continue reading

El Día de Los Difuntos

Yesterday, the 2nd of November, was the Day of the Dead in Ecuador. Here it is a different celebration than the one famous in Mexico: there’s no carnival outside of the cemetery gates,… Continue reading